Penco Stationery is a Japanese stationery brand, and its name derived from the product it all started with: Pen-Company. As the Americana inspired name suggests, it is a company making pens. Their range expanded from pens only to a wide range of (hardware) stationery, with an industrial-type heritage. Their collection ranges from pens, notebooks, clipboards, businesscard holders and tape dispensers.

PENCO is part of the Hightide brand family. The Hightide brand also includes a range of their own name, and Nähe.

Penco Stationery is available in a number of stores in Europe and the United States (USA). Stationery Soup ships Penco stationery worldwide, and primarily throughout Europe. We started shipping Penco items from 2015, and we love to grow our selection every season.

Stationery Soup specializes in stationery, we offer a range of Japanese stationery as wel as stationery sourced in Europe and the USA. Our main categories are pens and paper, and everyday carry asn well as desk organisers and anything you need in your work environment.

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