Midori Roll Seal Ribbon

Midori Roll Seal Ribbon
Midori Roll Seal Ribbon

Midori Roll Seal Ribbon


With these fun and colorful stickers you can sparkle anything, from the cutest present, to your journal and letters. If you ask us, with 90 sticker and 6 designs, these Midori Roll Seals are real value for money.

Contains 90 pieces
Each sticker measures: 20 x 48mm
Made in Japan

SKU: 84690006


The Midori Roll Seal Ribbon are 90 stickers on a roll with 6 different designs. We like to say Midori Roll Seals are very good value for your money.

These Ribbon seals are very colorful and bold in different patterns, great for decorating gifts, journals and drawings.

Midori Roll Seals are part of “Chotto”, Midori’s range for gift wrapping. Recently Midori have developed this extensive program of gift wrapping, as they believe paper can enhance the message you aim to convey. We couldn’t agree more.

Midori is one of Japan’s leading stationery manufacturers. They have an impressive track record of stationery icons, of which the D-Clips, MD paper and Traveler’s Notebook are amongst their prize winning concepts.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm