Penco Clipboard Check Silver

Penco Clipboard Check Silver

Penco Clipboard Check Silver


Perfect for listmaking, this long shape. Works great for the drinksmenu, be it at a restaurant, or the dinner party you are hosting.

Measures: 100x214mm
Clip is chrome plated.

SKU: DP133


Penco Clipboard Check Silver are so versatile; from presenting menu’s (like in restaurants), memo’s and even ‘framing’ your favorite print or quote. This check size clipboard works for presenting the bill (again in restaurants), or writing down your to-do’s of the day. Also available in A4 & A5 size.

Penco is a Japanese stationery brand, and its name derived from the product it al started with: Pen-Company. As the Americana inspired name suggests, it is a company making pens. Their range expanded from pens only to a wide range of (hardware) stationery, with an industrial-type heritage.

PENCO is part of the Hightide brand family. The Hightide brand also includes a range of their own name, and Nähe.

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