Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy

Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy
Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy
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Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy


Beautiful and heavy duty tape dispenser, with screw holes in the bottom for fixture to wall or table.

Size: W 9.5 x H 4.2 x L 3.0 cm
Material: Steel
Designed in Japan, Made in Taiwan
Packed in carton box and parts are separately wrapped in plastic



A simple rugged steel tape dispenser! That’s exactly what the Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy is. This rust and scratch resistant tape dispenser is also versatile as it can be mounted to the wall or just simply put on the table and is made from steel and will surely be of service to you for many years.

Also available in Ivory, Green & Red as well as in the size L.

Please remember that the Penco Tape Dispenser S Navy supports tape up to 2.0 cm in width and 5.0 cm in outer diameter

Penco is a Japanese stationery brand, and its name derived from the product it all started with: Pen-Company. As the Americana inspired name suggests, it is a company making pens. Their range expanded from pens only to a wide range of (hardware) stationery, with an industrial-type heritage.

PENCO is part of the Hightide brand family. The Hightide brand also includes a range of their own name, and Nähe.

Making office stationery cool again, Penco’s steel tape dispenser embodies rugged, industrial aesthetics with its solid structure and hammer-tone finish. The size is ideal for the likes of masking tapes, while the dispenser bottom comes with a screw hole so it can be fixed to a wall or desk.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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